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Title Chronological date
12-Bar Original Monday, 18th March, 1996
1822! Wednesday, 30th November, 1994
A Beginning Monday, 28th October, 1996
A Day In The Life Thursday, 1st June, 1967
A Hard Day's Night Friday, 10th July, 1964
A Little Rhyme Wednesday, 30th November, 1994
A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues Wednesday, 30th November, 1994
A Taste Of Honey Friday, 22nd March, 1963
Across The Universe Friday, 12th December, 1969
Act Naturally Friday, 6th August, 1965
Ain't She Sweet Monday, 20th November, 1995
All I've Got To Do Friday, 22nd November, 1963
All My Loving Friday, 22nd November, 1963
All Things Must Pass Monday, 28th October, 1996
All Together Now Monday, 13th January, 1969
All You Need Is Love Friday, 7th July, 1967
And I Love Her Friday, 10th July, 1964
And Your Bird Can Sing Friday, 5th August, 1966
Anna (Go To Him) Friday, 22nd March, 1963
Another Girl Friday, 6th August, 1965
Any Time At All Wednesday, 10th June, 1964
Ask Me Why Friday, 11th January, 1963
Baby It's You Monday, 20th March, 1995
Baby You're A Rich Man Friday, 7th July, 1967
Baby's In Black Friday, 4th December, 1964
Back in the U.S.S.R Friday, 22nd November, 1968
Bad Boy Monday, 14th June, 1965
Beatle Greetings Wednesday, 30th November, 1994
Because Friday, 26th September, 1969
Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite! Thursday, 1st June, 1967
Besame Mucho Monday, 20th November, 1995
Birthday Friday, 22nd November, 1968
Blackbird Friday, 22nd November, 1968
Blue Jay Way Monday, 27th November, 1967
Boys Friday, 22nd March, 1963
Can't Buy Me Love Friday, 10th July, 1964