News - 06 December 2022


Our BRAND NEW video is Here, There And Everywhere

“Follow the band on tour, as they face an ever-changing backdrop of cities, hotels, roads, and gigs, with only each other to rely on. A magical dancer appears to each of them, representing inspiration and creative freedom.” - Rok Predin, Trunk Animation.

Rok Predin - Director/Animator
Richard Barnett - Producer (Trunk Animation)
Jonathan Clyde - Producer
Sophie Hilton - Producer

The Beatles Revolver

Get The Beatles’ Revolver into your life with the new mixes and expanded Special Editions. Available everywhere now across 5CD/4LP Super Deluxe, 2CD Deluxe, Picture Disc, 1LP, 1CD, Download and Streaming. Dolby Atmos Mixes + original mono mix accompany never-before-released session recordings and demos, plus the “Paperback Writer” and “Rain” EP.

The Beatles’ 1966 album Revolver changed everything. Spinning popular music off its axis and ushering in a vibrant new era of experimental, avant-garde sonic psychedelia, Revolver brought about a cultural sea change and marked an important turn in The Beatles’ own creative evolution. With Revolver, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr set sail together across a new musical sea.

Showcasing GRAMMY-winning original album artwork created by Klaus Voormann, the Super Deluxe CD and vinyl house a beautiful book featuring Paul McCartney’s foreword, an introduction by Giles Martin, an enlightening essay by Questlove, and insightful chapters by Kevin Howlett.

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