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The Story of Apple Records

We hope to make a thing that’s free where people can just come and do and record - and not have to ask “Can we have another microphone in the studio because we haven’t had a hit yet?”” - John

Launched by The Beatles in 1968, Apple Records served as the new outlet for The Beatles’ own recordings as well as the music of a wide-ranging roster of artists, all brought to the label personally by the band (individually and/or collectively).

In the revolutionary spirit of the times, Apple's utopian, artist-orientated mission celebrated diversity in a friendly, creative environment. The result was a rainbow spectrum of music - from The Modern Jazz Quartet to the work of contemporary British classical composer John Tavener.

I think the only plan for Apple was for it to be good music and maybe music that ideally wasn’t getting an opportunity to be heard other places.” - Peter Asher

In this video, Peter Asher recounts the creation of The Beatles' Apple Records, which brought together some of the most eclectic sounds and talents of the time.