Giles Martin Talks Us Through The Audio Techniques Behind The New Revolver Special Editions

“It means the listener can be more immersed into it, and listen to the band in the studio, as they played it.” - How each individual sound element in Taxman was pulled apart and then put back together to create the track’s stunning audio clarity in the new special editions.

Giles tells the story of the collaboration between his father, George Martin, and Paul in making Eleanor Rigby, and takes us right into the studio to hear them recording it.

“The Beatles always cared about what was on their records, and we can listen to everything that they did now.” - How de-mix technology was used on Here, There and Everywhere.

Giles talks about the collaboration with Peter Jackson’s WingNut Films, and how using de-mix technology created the stunning audio clarity of the new Revolver special editions.

“Suddenly the studio wasn’t a functional place where you go and perform, it was also a place where you go up in the control room and create sounds for yourself that people hadn’t heard before.” - Deconstructing how the sound of Rain was created by The Beatles in the studio.

“The thing with Revolver is you hear all four of them, and you hear all four of their input onto it” - Giles talks us through some of the elements that came together to make Revolver what it is.