News - 24 November 2022

Remembering Geoff Wonfor and Ken Mansfield

geoff wonfor

Geoff Wonfor, legendary music filmmaker and a Grammy winning director of The Beatles Anthology, has passed away. He spent over four years making the series with a dedicated team of producers, editors, sound engineers, researchers and many more.

Geoff, supported by director Bob Smeaton and producer Chips Chipperfield, led with humour and his straight-talking direction, creating a timeless autobiographical document of the band’s history. After the Anthology Geoff continued to work with Paul on a number of other film projects.

He was a one of a kind talent who will be missed by many.

Ken Mansfield on the roof of Apple

We also heard the news that Ken Mansfield, who ran Apple Records in the US in 1968-9, passed away last Friday.

In March 2020 we interviewed him in LA about the rooftop concert - Ken had been visiting the Apple office on January 30th 1969, and next thing found himself on the roof sitting under chimney stacks - easily spotted in the white mac!

He was a delightful man and gave us a generous interview about his time at Capitol Records in the mid-60’s as a promotion man, and his role at Apple Records.