I Was Listening To The Beatles When...

Fans respond to questions


When I was going through my breakup ?  and falling in love at the same time with another person. ?”

- xoliverus

“When my daughter was born! Come together was the first song she heard earthside!”

- Tlingit.witch

“When my husband asked me to become his wife.“

- Odilegch

“When my dad kocked on my bedroom door to tell me John had been killed. I was 14 years old :( "

- Richardspellacy

“When I delivered my baby in a hospital in Dubai listeing to Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”

- Adriana_fontenelle_brito

“When my dad passed away ❤️”

- analyricalist

“When a penny got thrown at me during Penny Lane. I didn’t plan this.  Penny Lane started playing in my ear buds and I guess my girlfriend was talking to me and I wasn’t responding so she threw a penny at me.”

- bobby_atm

“When I realized how much happiness and joy music could give me. I was probably 10 or 11 and I remember listening over and over, really noticing how happy the music made me feel.“

- The Get Right Band

“When I was 9 years old, in my bedroom, pretending to host my own all-Beatles radio show.”

- Timothy G.

“When my dad was playing the Abbey Road album in the mid 1970s and I was only learning to walk. I’m amazed now that I still remember hearing the Hey Jude single around the house at that time and being drawn to Ringo’s drum fills on the song. It helped to spark my interest in becoming a drummer, which I am today.”

- Eric D.

“When my tatay introduced music to our family and songs from The Beatles are the most special ones. P.S. Tatay, I hope you are having a great time with John and George ️ lovelots ️”

- Maria F.

“When I learned that amazing musicians didn’t have to play overly intricate music to be amazing! Just play what you play flawlessly!”

- Danny C.

“When I was about 5 years old my family was living in Tehran, Iran and I attended the Tehran American School (which I hated – it felt like I was being sent to prison every day) but on the long ride to school over mostly dirt roads all the kids used to sing Beatles songs!”

- Diane B.

“When I was 2 listening to them on the Ed Sullivan show. I was jumping on my parents’ bed – got a little overzealous and flew and hit my head on the corner of the nightstand and cut my head open ?”

- Sheila B.

“When I held hands with my girlfriend for the first time. She picked up on the hint as we sat in the back seat of a friend’s car and I chose “I Want To Hold Your Hand” as the next song. ❤️”

- Qui-Gon K

“When I was in a hot crowded bus, steaming with anger, and then “Getting Better” started. In seconds I was laughing and realized everything was, indeed, getting better all the time… changed my humor that day, for better!”

- Neudson A.

“When I was thinking about Blackbird over and over after my mom died, trying to let go of the sadness. It was good!”

- Roberta T.

“When I was studying for a French exam the night Franco died. “Revolver” was the album.”

- Piero P.

“When I had a stroke in 2015. It affected my speech. Could only talk jibberish. Instead of therapy I spent the next year just walking around and reciting Beatles tunes from memory. Amazing how many lyrics you can remember. It worked! All better now. HELP! I NEED SOMEBODY was a fave.”

- whatnextman