William Hislop

About Me: 
Born almost 68yrs ago in Glasgow, Scotland, in the early 60s, as a student, I played guitar or keyboard in a band. just in my teens, I just knew the sheer dynamic sound of the Beatles was what we as a band would try to emulate. Of course we didn't, but we still played in pubs and clubs the best we could. There will NEVER be anyone else like them. Now getting on for 68, and retired, I still have my guitar and keyboard, and love to play all my Beatles songs at home, God help the neighbors,most are too young to know the absolute magic of those early 60s days
Favourite Track: 
And I Love Her (The Beatles 1962-1966)
Tell us why: 
Cos it's such a beautiful song, written by Paul, I play it in Key of G with A minor and E minor, can't reach high notes otherwise.
Favourite Album: 
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Tell us why: 
It just blew my mind, remember sitting listening in my house in Glasgow to a radio transmission of the whole album when it first came out. It was wonderful, and of course, still is.

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