Favourite Track: 
All My Loving (WTB)
Tell us why: 
All My Loving was my first favourite Beatles song, then Can't Buy Me Love, and then Thank You Girl. I first heard Thank You Girl after Can't Buy Me Love was released. Therefore I thought it was newer than Can't Buy Me Love. People in North America learned the Beatles songs in a different order. And maybe thought the songs were created in that order. I know I did. I thought, "I Want To Hold Your Hand," was the first song the Beatles wrote. I first heard the Beatle songs that were played on the Ed Sullivan. (Feb 1964) And then Please Please Me, From Me To You,(March or early April) Can't Buy Me Love,(Late April) Twist And Shout, and Thank You Girl.(Early May) Love Me Do. (Late May) My Bonnie (June.)
Favourite Album: 
Past Masters

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