About Me: 
Love music, The Beatles have been always my favorite since 1964. Still today British Invasion groups are my listening choice (except for Springsteen and U2). Went to Paul's concert in Milwaukee this Summer, 2013, and it was my highlight of the past three years.
Favourite Track: 
Hello, Goodbye (1)
Tell us why: 
Great song, and it brings back a special time in my life. Hard to pick "A" track, love so many. Very close seconds: Strawberry Fields; Magical Mystery Tour; I Am the Walrus; all of the White Album.
Favourite Album: 
The Beatles
Tell us why: 
I know that the work is mostly individual, but the songs are so great, and you know they gave input into each other's songs. Besides they are all together singing, even if they are singing the other's song. The arrangements, even the order in which the songs were placed seem just right. The first time I heard it, Stereo was fairly special. This album is a great stereo headphone experience. Yes Pepper's is too, but I think I played that to death, and listen to it much less often than The Beatles, which I never tired of.

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