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About Me: 
I'm just this overly obsessed Beatles fan and the saddest part is i was born 16 years after Lennon's death and George died when i was 5 i want to meet all of them and i can't! devastated :(
Favourite Track: 
Hello, Goodbye (1)
Tell us why: 
its one the best Beatles song I love it! I left the different voice changing modes in it :)
Favourite Album: 
Magical Mystery Tour
Tell us why: 
its the best album I love all the songs in it! its fun and I love the film <3


A Hard Day's Night


31 50

The Beatles' first feature film.  Comedy and music are combined to make this pastiche of a day in the life of The Beatles during 1964.

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25 34

The second Beatles' feature film is a comedy adventure, which follows the exploits of the group as they attempt to escape the clutches of an evil mysterious cult. Will The Beatles survive being eaten by tigers, being shrunk, gassed, blown up, or kidnapped?

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