Roni Garrett

About Me: 
I'm a huge Beatles fan, have been since I was a youngster, which was a long time ago. I love all of the band. I got my first album when I was about 9. The Beatles broke up that year. My mom and I listen to their music and sing, sing, sing. I never tire of it. I miss John and George and I hope Paul can keep it going strong for a while longer. He is a phenomenal talent. Congratulations to Ringo on the induction to the R-n-R Hall of Fame.
Favourite Track: 
Eleanor Rigby (Revolver)
Tell us why: 
The song speaks to me, what more can I say? It says a lot about a society where we have no faces, no real identity. We are just numbers and often quite solitary. We die and we're forgotten within just a generation, unless you were famous. It is a sad testament to the human race. Luckily, the Beatles and their legacy will live for a few more generations. That is how I feel about the song. There are so many that I could have chosen, including "A Day in the Life", "Help", Let it Be", but they have such a huge catalog of songs and I could only pick one here.
Favourite Album: 
Abbey Road
Tell us why: 
Abbey Road is the embodiment of a career that went out with a bang, not a whimper. The B-side of the album is my favorite. The combination of all of those songs into one continuous song that is so inspiring and seductive in its form and melody. "The End" leaves us with a message that is pure poetry.

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