Phil O'Brien

About Me: 
Love Baseball, Beatles music have always been the foundation for appreciation of all other types of music.. played important role in my early elementary years, wish I could thnk Paul and Ringo, in person and let them know how their music saved my sanity from abuse..Funny thing is I am a teacher-aide in s pecial ed school.
Favourite Track: 
Here Comes The Sun (Abbey)
Tell us why: 
My first Beatle Album was ABBEY ROAD and I love the whole Album. but lately "Here Comes the Sun" I find can refer to a loved one or God's love, Christ's 2nd coming and etc.. It is edging out "Something" for my #1 favorite Beatle song.
Favourite Album: 
Abbey Road
Tell us why: 
It has always been my #1 LP for all time, I just remember feeling connected to every song.. loved the production, wanted to be a record producer like Sir George Martin..(just never got the support) found my favorites were George, Paul's ,Ringo's, and JOhn's in that order.

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