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About Me: 
I've been a Beatles fan since high school in the 1980s. Recently, I went through a period of about seven years or so where I didn't listen to ANY Beatles music at all; I actually avoided it. The news of the remasters in the spring made me take out my LPs & re-listen. I forgot how wonderful they really were. It's nice to have them back in my life again! I am equally passionate about the music of Bob Dylan as I am of the Beatles. In addition to Dylan & the Beatles, I love the music of the Aerovons, Badfinger, Jellyfish, Jethro Tull, Jackie Lomax, Randy Newman, Harry Nilsson, Procol Harum, Traffic, the Traveling Wilburys & Frank Zappa.
Favourite Track: 
Strawberry Fields Forever (The Beatles 1967-1970)
Tell us why: 
The definitive Beatles song. It's perfect. From the very first note, you know that it's going to be something different. I listen to it, and I sigh, and I smile. Everything about that record is perfect: the production, the performances, the lyrics, the melody. I absolutely love the original, but, I also really enjoy the versions on Love & the Anthology. I will never tire of hearing this song.
Favourite Album: 
The Beatles
Tell us why: 
The was my first exposure to the Beatles. I listened to it non-stop for six months. I was overwhelmed by all those songs, the diversity, the creativity. I can still listen to it over & over and never get bored. And I hear something new every time I listen to it. It's a perfect album, from beginning to end. Absolutely flawless. Now that both the mono & stereo mixes are readily available, I enjoy the album twice as much as I did before!

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