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About Me: 
I am still a Beatle fan. Saw them twice in concert. I'm getting up there in years, but feel like a kid when I hear their music and see photos, etc. I am originally a Chicago girl. I have an old Beatle program cover framed in my room. Keeps me in 1967 when I was just amazed by the Beatles. I sure miss George and John. Glad we still have Paul & Ringo.
Favourite Track: 
You're Going To Lose That Girl
Tell us why: 
I can clearly hear George and Paul in the chorus (especially George). I just love to hear all their voices in unison. Believe me, I have a ton more favorites. The harmony on Magical Mystery Tour gives me goose bumps. I wish they hadn't been so unhappy being so famous. They'll never know what a happy, carefree, mystical time I had with them.
Favourite Album: 
A Hard Day's Night
Tell us why: 
I only got one shot at this! I love this because I loved the movie and the happiness I felt-couldn't believe these guys could talk and interact with people. After all, we only saw them in still photos and such. I love Rubber Sole and Help and others.

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