Nica Quirante

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About Me: 
I am a Filipino and I know they hated my country because of what they've experienced before; but my love for them will never change. I grew up with The Beatles. I learned how to play the guitar with their songs, and with the years that I'm continuously learning music, I'm being more amazed on how The Beatles could make fresh music with the limited technology during their time. I will always look up to this band.
Favourite Track: 
If I Fell (AHDN)
Tell us why: 
I really could not decide which song stands best among all of their songs. Just saying "If I Fell" because it's the first song I learned to play in guitar.
Favourite Album: 
Magical Mystery Tour
Tell us why: 
Magical Mystery Tour and Revolver. Tracks in both albums are timeless and can be played side-by-side with songs from any generation.


The Beatles Anthology


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The Anthology charts the official history of the Beatles from their earliest days in Liverpool up to the break up of the group in 1970. Using a mixture of archive footage, home movies, never before seen concert footage and unheard studio tracks, together with interviews with the Beatles themselves, the Anthology invites you as John Lennon would say 'into the eye of the hurricane'.

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