About Me: 
Always love the Beatles and the fab 4 - always will. What an era to have been around.
Favourite Track: 
Here, There And Everywhere (Revolver)
Tell us why: 
It's just so melodic, especially the version from the Anthology album when you here Paul then the magic dust is sprinkled when the harmonies are added - listen carefully as its a tingle down the spine moment. But there are so many favourite tracks so this is s really hard one to hone in on (like asking who's my favourite child).
Favourite Album: 
The Beatles
Tell us why: 
This album is where you notice more individual tracks, Blackbird, Julia, Piggies etc and then of course they perform like a real rock n roll band on Back In The USSR and For Yer Blues (John seems to have such an edge). The quality of the recording also takes a leap forward. I play the White Album, Love, Abbey Road and Revolver the most. But then you rediscover an old friend like Rubber Sole and it brings back so many memories!

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