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A friendly "hello" to every Beatles Fan and welcome on my wall! I like the Beatles since ever, but I became an obsessed in March 2009! My favourite hobby is listen to their great music and read books about them! I've got a lot of books: - A Hard Day's Write - The Beatles' London - You Never Give Me Your Money - Revolution in the Head - The Love You Make - Beatlology - Can't Buy Me Love - The Best of Beatles Book - Across the Universe - The Day John Met Paul - The Beatles Anthology - Liddypool - All You Need Is Ears - Beatlesongs - The Beatles come to America - The Mammoth Book of the Beatles - The Beatles Anthology - The Beatles Way - The Beatles UK Tours 1963-1965 - Images of the Beatles: Photographs from the Daily Mail - The Beatles: Inside the Only Lonely Hearts Club Band And I think that's all, if I haven't forgot one... Anyway, I just don't understand how some people can't fall in love with them, or say that there are bands that are better than the Beatles... I saw all their films, and my favourite is absolutely "A Hard Day's Night", 'cause I'm so in love with their sense of humour XD Their music? It's simply fantastic, from the early years to the psychedelic ad later years! Other people think I'm crazy 'cause I listen to the Beatles and they say that they're old and crappy, but I don't care :) They prefer listening to crap music like rap, heavy metal and such bad stuff, just grotty XD I've found a lot of friends here on this wonderful website, and finally somebody who understands me! A big kiss to all Beatles obsessed! By marydean <3
Favourite Track: 
I Saw Her Standing There (PPM)
Tell us why: 
HAPPY 73rd BIRTHDAY JOHN! I miss you so much and I'll never forget you <3 This is absolutely one of my favourite Beatles songs EVER! Every time I listen to it, I just feel like moving and dancing! Impossible to keep still when this song is playing :D I miss you so much John and George... You've gone away too soon :'( But I know, both of you are in a better place right now. You'll always be in my heart ♥ You're a Beatles obsessed if: 1. You saw all their films 2. You frame all their posters like important portraits 3. You run through the house shouting: "GOO GOO G'JOOB!!!" 4. You want to be Lucy in the sky 5. You love when the Beatles shout in their rock songs 6. You want to buy all their instruments 7. You watch over and over the film Help! and never get bored of it 8. You love the scene in the bath or the fight in the house of Help! 9. You LOL when you hear shout: "KAILIIIIIIII!!!" 10. You smile when you see a photo in which they have a lot of fun 11. You love the scene where they're playing on the field in A Hard Days Night 12. You always talk to the people about the Beatles even though they get bored 13. You want to live in a Yellow Submarine 14. You want to visit all the places where they have been (London, Liverpool, Hamburg, New York...) 15. You want a house that is identic of the Beatles' house in Help! 16. You pretend an autograph of all four even though John and George aren't alive 17. Your biggest wish is to live in the 60's and go in all their concerts 18. You would have been one of the stewardesses who served the Fab Four during one of their flight 19. You know at least 5 verses of each Beatles song 20. Your mp3 is full of Beatles songs 21. You can't stay a single day without listening their songs 22. You want to build a "Cavern" in your town 23. You want to build a hotel in your town called "Help!", "A Hard Days Night", "Abbey Road", "The Cavern", "A Day In The Life", ... 24. You get angry when you hear a bad critic about the Beatles 25. (added by ivegotaholeinmypocket) You hear someone who says something that is very similar to a part of a Beatles song or a phrase that the Beatles said, then you laugh and no one understands 26. (added by beatlesobsessed4) You hum one of the Beatles' songs when someone mentions something that has to do with the lyrics of one of their songs 27. (added by mrspaulie) 99% of your vocabulary is just repeating quotes of the beatles 28. (added by LetThereBe_BeatlesForever) Whenever you see any Beatles merchandise (a shirt, poster, magnet, cup, or even a keychain), you actually YELL at the person next to you, even if its a stranger, and you say, "I HAVE TO HAVE IT!!!" and it never works most of the times 29. (added by NothingIsReal909) You think the Beatles are still super hot, even in their old age This list has been created by marydean I hope you have enjoyed this list... Peace and Love! :D (COPY AND PASTE IF YOU'RE A BEATLES OBSESSED)
Favourite Album: 
A Hard Day's Night
Tell us why: 
I think I don't have a real favourite album. In this period, I love this one so much because of the movie. I love putting it on my turntable and sing along with my sister ;) I can't get enough of it ♥


A Hard Day's Night


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The Beatles' first feature film.  Comedy and music are combined to make this pastiche of a day in the life of The Beatles during 1964.

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