mariamichelle's picture
About Me: 
I'm so happy! so funny! My favorite beatle is Mr.Starkey! My nickname is "molly" (for O-bla-di O-bla-da) I love the beatles!!! :3 is a pleasure to meet you! :3
Favourite Track: 
Something (Abbey)
Tell us why: 
My boyfriend and I met on a beatlechat. I remember when I dedicate ... I always whispered in his ear ".. somewhere in her smile she knows, that i don't need no other lover .."
Favourite Album: 
A Hard Day's Night
Tell us why: 
I had fun, I cried and I enjoyed this album and this film to the end ... by learning to love the beatles really do not consider them as a "passing fancy" in my life. (besides, i love sarcasm john in the movie :3)

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