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Favourite Track: 
Here, There And Everywhere (Revolver)
Tell us why: 
It describes everything that I feel about my life with my beautiful and loving wife with whom I've been in love with for 40 years .
Favourite Album: 
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Tell us why: 
It took me a few listens of my Mono LP , before I could start to, as they say "get it" , and then I just couldn't stop listening to it for the rest of 1967 . It still blows me away ...


The Beatles At Shea Stadium


7 26

Over 55,000 people came to watch this ground-breaking concert, the sound of which was completely dominated by screaming of the audience. The huge number of security guards were kept occupied by fainting girls and audience members attempting to reach the stage.

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