About Me: 
On my eleventh birthday, I saw a documentary about this band called The Beatles - and that was it - I was hooked on their magic. My music tastes have encompassed blues, acid rock, West Coast rock, but still just love that warm glow of nostalgia when hearing Beatles, especially their later era from Revolver to Abbey Road. My line of work is in servicing scientific instruments, and I have a small bit of land in the country where we have our little patch of Paradise.
Favourite Track: 
While My Guitar Gently Weeps (White)
Tell us why: 
A wonderful blend of acoustic guitar and Eric's bluesy electric guitar. It is an example of George exploring his philosophical side of song-writing. The music is so full of texture and feeling.
Favourite Album: 
Tell us why: 
All four of them are now embarking on psychedelic journeys, pushing back the boundaries, and setting the stage for Sgt Pepper. Tomorrow Never Knows is one of the first examples of compiling pre-recorded fragments into a mystic musical journey. A friend recounted a time he was in a record shop when Revolver was released, and a young chap came it to complain about a problem with the last track - the sound was all weird. The salesman played the track, and commented that something's not right - he'd replace it. So just to check, he played that track on the new copy - still sounded the same ... so picked another album ... it too sounded the same ... oh dear, oh dear!

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