About Me: 
My name is Sarah Renée, but you can call me SR or something for short:) I fell in love with the Beatles almost 4 years ago when I was 8. My favorite Beatle is Paul<3 and I've seen him in concert 3 times. I have The Beatles rockband and 519 songs (of theirs) on my phone. I'm pretty protective of them. Like I'll give anyone who insults them the deathglare. I do a lot of Beatle-art (and other fandoms mind you) on DeviantArt. I'm MissMacca on there. -> I hope to befriend many Beatlemaniacs:)
Tell us why: 
Dude! I can't choose just one! my top 3 though are 1. This Boy, 2. I've Just Seen A Face, and 3. Can't Buy Me Love. This Boy, because the harmonies are just so beautiful and their voices mix so well. I've Just Seen A Face, because I love country music as well and this is pretty country! Also I sang this song at a restaurant (it was a medly with this and Can't Buy Me Love, which brings me to the next one) and it was really fun! Finally, i adore Can't Buy Me Love because it's such an upbeat and uplifting song. And every time I hear it i think of the scene in A Hard Day's Night when they're running around that field being goofballs:). (and again I sang it for people)
Favourite Album: 
A Hard Day's Night
Tell us why: 
All of the songs on this album are sweet. I'm a sucker for ballads.

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