King David

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About Me: 
I became a rock music fan as soon as I saw the Beatles on TV. All of my friends and I started learning instruments and forming bands. I got hold of a Harmony hollow body f hole with a sunburst finish for my first guitar (I learned later it was just like George's first guitar) and learned all the chords and bar chords. I switched to keyboards and bought a Hammond Organ. (All of this time I was listening to British rock, and some American, like Chuck Berry, James Brown, and Booker T and the MG's. From Hit Parader magazine I found the Brits' home addresses and began writing song lyrics for "The Who," not wanting to take public credit for it. I played Hammond and sang a bit in bands in the Central Florida Area I lived in. This carried me over to the West Greenwich area in New York, where I found much competition.
Favourite Track: 
Paperback Writer (The Beatles 1962-1966)
Tell us why: 
I still have thoughts about becoming a writer. But the melody is so great combined with the way it's performed that it does make this a favorite Beatles song of mine, but that's a most difficult question to answer, what's your favorite Beatle song, because I liked so many.
Favourite Album: 
Rubber Soul
Tell us why: 
This is my favorite because it's a very loving type of album, very expressive of love and what it might be like.

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