About Me: 
Love God,Man.Country,Beatles and Grateful Dead.Favorite bands for different reasons.Also musically brilliant and prolific in writing and singing songs that all sound different. Love all music depending on frame of mind. Also love honest shoot from the hip people.Friends that don't always tell you what you want to hear,but truth,because they love you first,then hope you get it.Mean what you say and say what you mean. I don't do vague or passive aggressive conversations or relationships. Life is too short!!!love life with all its possibilities. Look for miracles big and small everywhere, everyday.Eyes wide open!!!
Favourite Track: 
Hey Jude (The Beatles 1967-1970)
Tell us why: 
First of all who can pick ONE fav? But"Hey Jude"because Paul started humming and singing a couple of lines that came to him as he felt the sadness of a young Julian Lennon when his parents split up, hey Jules don't take it bad, the rest is of course history. And then personal reasons involving man I love
Favourite Album: 
Let It Be
Tell us why: 
Simply put,Beatles last album.last song and last sentence of what would be the end of world's greatest influential band of our time 60 years of songs loved with the same excitement and movement of heart and spirit as if released today. Their music will always be timeless and loved by each new listener generations to come. In last song of Let It Be,Pauls mother Mary used to say often, (from what I have read)Let it be Paul just let it be.And in my humble opinion they were saying no more controversy over why the end of the Beatles,just let it be.....

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