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Sing with John and #IMAGINE a better world for children.


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Lend your voice and be a part of history. Download the free TouchCast app, sing your version of Imagine with John Lennon and share with friends. Your voice will be part of a new 'world version' of Imagine for UNICEF, to be released in time for New Year's Eve 2014.

#IMAGINE is a UNICEF initiative uniting millions of people to raise awareness and funds for children’s rights globally.  

In collaboration with Yoko Ono, UNICEF is bringing the world together to create the largest sing-along ever.

Every child counts. #EVERYVOICECOUNTS


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The new Beatles LOVE wrap


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11 July 2013

The new Beatles LOVE wrap is now up at The Mirage Hotel and Casino! LOVE is a unique collaboration between Apple and Cirque Du Soleil celebrating the musical legacy of The Beatles. Born from a personal friendship and mutual admiration between the late George Harrison and Cirque founder Guy Laliberté,

LOVE brings the magic of Cirque du Soleil together with the spirit and passion behind the most beloved rock group of all time to create a vivid, intimate and powerful entertainment experience. With panoramic sound and visuals, the audience experience The Beatles as never before...

To find out more about The Beatles LOVE by Cirque du Soleil show visit the official site at

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Yellow Submarine Feature Film Restored For May Release on DVD and Blu-ray


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20 March 2012

By hand, frame by frame and without the use of automated software, The Beatles' 1968 Pop Art masterpiece Yellow Submarine has been digitally restored and re-released to huge acclaim.
The delicate, hand-drawn artwork that revolutionised animation in its day has been brought back to its original condition, revealing it to be as thrilling a psychedelic odyssey as it was at the time of its original release.
Yellow Submarine was the first great, non-Disney animated feature and it's as if the music, themes, surreal humour, artwork and writing have all just been born again in 4k digital resolution.
Visit (link) to explore how the film was made. The site features original storyboards, cells, and making-of films.

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