About Me: 
My family moved from Chicago to London in 1966. There I attended the American School in London until 1969. I was a full-fledged Beatles fan before arriving, and my time in the UK only cemented the high regard I felt for them. I've seen "Love" seven times, and I'm delighted that this site continues to treat us to new flavors of this remarkable group of musicians.
Favourite Track: 
Here, There And Everywhere (Revolver)
Tell us why: 
The song still gives me shivers. It's one of the most beautiful ballads ever recorded.
Favourite Album: 
Tell us why: 
I just appreciate the reworking of the catalogue to highlight so many masterpieces. I'm surprised on each successive listening with the subtle tweaks provided by George and Giles Martin's labor of love. I'm so pleased that 50 years on, this soundtrack undergirds a live organic work that reminds thousands each year what a great band they were.

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