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About Me: 
I love to play guitar and I love The Beatles!
Favourite Track: 
Here Comes The Sun (Abbey)
Tell us why: 
This was the first song I ever heard from The Beatles. My earliest memory of this song was when I was five. I'm so happy that I discovered this song, because it made me love The Beatles so much. And I really do of course :)
Favourite Album: 
A Hard Day's Night
Tell us why: 
This was a huge milestone for The Beatles. They were acting in their first movie and wrote an album completely by themselves. I really love the amazing work they'd put on making the album and the film. I know that they'd been working "A Hard Day's Night" on it, and it makes me love it even more. 1964 is the year of The Beatles, where everything happened in a very quick motion. Everything hit them so fast; Already making their third album, Beatlemania was everywhere. I can imagine all the excitement. That's the reason why I love this album.

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