About Me: 
Saw the boys in Atlanta, GA on August 18, 1965. We were on the 19th row of Atlanta Stadium and they were on 2nd base. They were on for 30 minutes and sang 11 songs. It was enough my friend and I thought we had fulfilled any dream that was ever going to come our way. Went on to have a great life but it is kind of nice when I am able to put into the conversation that I saw them in Atlanta Stadium and we were on the 19th row . . . .Great memory and no other concert has beaten it. What a night. Went into 9th grade on a cloud. I played the clarinet and even the band director's dismissal of the importance of it couldn't dent my joy (and I had a crush on him) Well, I did until August 18, 1965 when I saw them in Atlanta Stadium, etc, etc. Tell them thanks--well, Paul--if you see him. Thanks for listening--well, reading.
Favourite Track: 
She Loves You (The Beatles 1962-1966)
Tell us why: 
Well, on August 18, 1965 . . . .But really it was because I couldn't resist that head shaking and oooing. Too much for someone with pubescent levels of estrogen. I lost my mind.
Favourite Album: 
With The Beatles
Tell us why: 
Meet the Beatles. Everything. I loved them all--maybe a little less each time one came out but I was getting a life. And it was named MEET THE BEATLES, thank you very much. Thanks for asking.

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