About Me: 
I've been a fan for years, listening to all the best songs, and they have truly been an imagery for me for true friendship. My favorites are Anthology and Abbey Road. I love friends that goes playing along when the times get tough, the ones that feel yer blues, the ones who have what it takes to wake you from slumbering. Awakening could mean letting go of everything, and starting over. It sure means aknowledging whatever the truth is, you can accept it. All you need is love!
Favourite Track: 
Act Naturally (Help!)
Tell us why: 
I like the fact that on the surface, the Beatles songs might seem to be portraying the love for another person, but for me many of the songs are about achieving inner balance. Like Old Brown Shoe, I love the lyrics. When I’m reading the song texts I’m making connections to my own interpretations, and some of these ideas are to me much more apparent than the shallow straight forward text. It’s a good feeling when you are so centered that you no longer care whether the straight forward boring lyrics are intended, or if what you see behind it is the truth, because you know you never really get high if you don’t allow yourself to have a bite of fun. Also, you really never mingle with the right ones if they think you can’t handle life. Life is not a fight, but a bit of quarreling is not the same as a marriage. God, I don't know how many times I've been listening to Beatles just to see the 3 letters spelt, Beatles have been my fav since the start in old Cavern.
Favourite Album: 
Abbey Road
Tell us why: 
Cause the pants are on fire....

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