Edson Contreras Pitorri

About Me: 
I'm a real fan since 1964, aged with only 13 years old! So, since last 50 years, only... I got the full vinil disc collection only at 1982... Steel recorded to PC, at digital way, remastered and converted to MP3 files, to be simple and according today best pratices. Mine two sons crossed theirs lives listening The Beatles, at home, and learned to like them, too. Thanks You, So Much!
Favourite Track: 
When I'm Sixty Four (Sgt Pepper)
Tell us why: 
Because, during 50 years I singed it, wistle it at walking days and Always picture myself at this age, what will be at end of this year, I hope so! =0)...
Favourite Album: 
Abbey Road
Tell us why: 
It was revolutionary when launched, until today!

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