About Me: 
I have spent years writing music in the form of digitally recorded files. I have helped collaborate on many many albums and songs from a variety of artists over the last two decades. Late in 2013, I wrote my masterpiece, while cleaning my kitchen. It took me less than five minutes to conduct the entire song, and I did it in the most unconventional way...whistling, I lost my voice many years ago to a series of unfortunate events. Singing had always made me feel better and when I stopped singing, I got very depressed, so I began whistling to fill the deep hole in my chest. I found that I could write an entire piece of music in the time it took to get dressed, clean my kitchen, or drive to the grocery store. I mentioned to my husband that it would be cool if I could show artists my talent, If somehow we could wire my home, my car, or for sound so that we never missed a thing. (I have literally written a song while I was falling asleep, and not just the main melody, but harmonies, instruments, percussion, everything, EXCEPT FOR THE LYRICS). Never really good at lyrics. Over the years I have written many many many songs that artists have used, but the problem is that I never once received payment of any kind for any of the work I did. Heres how it works: I received a stripped down version of a song that barely has a chorus, or a partial song. It may have a bit of rhythm, may even have the lyrics, but there is no inflection from line to line, it all sounds the same...This is where I come in. I listen to it and instantly I here what needs to be added, changed or removed to make the song a hit. That is my story, that is what I do, so if you have something that you want me to collaborate on...I'll try my hardest. But it can not be for free. At least not until I can provide for my kids, and then who knows, before I go home to God, I may just donate the rest to mankind, who ever is left...
Favourite Track: 
Hey Jude (Past Masters)
Tell us why: 
This is my daughter Emma's favorite song, and we sing it together when it comes on. I feel like I'm performing with the Beatles themselves.
Tell us why: 
Too Many to choose from

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