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About Me: 
I like The Beatles. Very interested in bootleg and unreleased recordings, I also like early songs and albums, (Tony Sheridan and the Beat Brothers) and am interested in the Quarrymen and any other acts affiliated with the Beatles. I follow them on Spotify, and also listen to them on iTunes and Google Play. I have 3/4 of the original albums on CD, and have Please, Please Me on cassette.
Favourite Track: 
The End (Abbey)
Tell us why: 
A fitting way to end the last recorded Beatles album (although the snippet 'Her Majesty' is after it). Love the solo, one of the few songs to have a Starr solo. Great song by itself, reminds me of 'Birthday'.
Favourite Album: 
Tell us why: 
Great songs, has a great Indian feel with the Sitar, the backwards guitar solos, meaningful songs (Eleanor Rigby) and songs that describe problems in the world (Taxman), definitely has a lot of songs about drugs, but really, does anybody give a crap?!?! Great album.

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