About Me: 
Divorced, middle-aged male, one daughter in college. Top five artists/bands (in order): the Beatles; Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band; the Rolling Stones; the Who; Bob Dylan.
Favourite Track: 
Strawberry Fields Forever (MMT)
Tell us why: 
The lyrics, arrangement & mood are just so unique. It gives off a feeling of childlike wonder and self-examination at the same time.
Favourite Album: 
The Beatles
Tell us why: 
It still sounds the freshest of all of their albums and gives the widest scope of their talent, both as a band and individually. So many people think that 'The Beatles (aka The White Album)' sounds like four solo artists on one album, but I hear it as the world's greatest rock 'n roll band getting back to basics with great songs that don't require sweeping production embellishment. It also probably covers the greatest range of mood of any rock album.

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