About Me: 
I'm officially a beatles' fan since I was 13 years old, but I always admire those 4 cute guys with fringe that sing very well. My mother said that I'm the femenine version of the Beatles, because I have a coat like in Sgt Peppers CD and I wear round glasses like John!
Favourite Track: 
Across The Universe (Anthology 2)
Tell us why: 
Because yes! Across the universe calms me when I am nervous and I fell like anybody cans hurt me because nothing is gonna change my workd. I also LOVE help, because, nowhere man, from me to you, hello goodbye, penny lane, yesterday, ticket to ride, all my loving...
Favourite Album: 
Tell us why: 
I found at home and i suddenly started listening to it. I is wonderfull. Sometimes when I'm sad I listen all and the Cd and I fell much better


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