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About Me: 
I live in Cleveland and grew up on mostly rap music when I was a kid when I became a teenager I realized that its trash music and hate it and I loooooooove music. So I started to listed to The Temptations, The Supremes, Michael Jackson you know basically all The Motwon artist. I never cared for The Beatles and I actually kind of hated them. REMINDER I NEVER EVEN HEARD ANY OF THE BEATLES SONGS AT THAT TIME. One day I just decided to watch a documentary about The Beatles I still didn't care for The Beatles after I watch the documentary but I did think Paul McCartney was such a Cutie. The next day I decided to watch the Beatles movie A Hard Days Night still didn't care for the Beatles music. The first time I saw The Beatles performances was at the Shea stadium (on YouTube of course) they perform Help! Liked the song and FELL IN LOOOOOOOOOVE WITH GEORGE HARRISON he's been my favorite Beatles since that performance. Every since I watch that performance I fell in love with The Beatles and I learned that you can't just say you don't like an artist or band if you haven't even listed to any of there songs. I will always and forever love THE BEATLES P.S. George Harrison will always be my favorite Beatle.
Favourite Track: 
Michelle (Rubber Soul)
Tell us why: 
I think its a beautiful song and its the very first song I liked by The Beatles (The original virgin). The first song I ever heard that was by The Beatles was I saw him (her) standing there The Supremes virgin I didn't like either but I then I heard yesterday (The Supremes virgin) and fell in love with it didn't care for the original virgin of yesterday. One day I was one YouTube and The Supremes sang Michelle(live) I found out that it was a Beatle song looked it up and FELL IN LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE!!!!!!!! Listed to it every day.
Favourite Album: 
Rubber Soul
Tell us why: 
George got into Indiana culture witch changed The Beatles music forever. They being to use different instruments such as sitar, tanpura, lap sleep guitar, moog synthesizer, swarmandal, and so much more different instruments. they also did different experiments by doing tape loops, backwards instruments, backwards vocals and different kind of genre they even wrote songs in the style of Smokey Robinson and used heavy vocals and vocal arrangement in the style of Motown. From Rock to psychedelic to soul to blues you name it The Beatles did it all.

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