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About Me: 
I've been loving the Beatles music for 20 years now. I collect their memorabilia, their vinyl Lp's and love to play their music on my guitar and piano. There is no greater joy then putting on a Beatles LP.
Favourite Track: 
Hey Jude (Past Masters)
Tell us why: 
Without doubt the greatest pop anthem ever. The beautiful McCartney vocal and musical melody, John's subtle but perfect backing harmonies and a build-up to the most amazing ending of all time (A Day in the Life does come close!!) There is also the story behind it all how Paul sang it to Julian to cheer him up during that difficult time in his life. I named my first born 'Jude' after this amazing song that I never tire of, only love more and more.
Favourite Album: 
Abbey Road
Tell us why: 
The perfect swan song if ever there was one. From the moment you drop that needle it is all there to praise. Something, Octopuss's Garden, Oh Darling and I Want You (She's so heavy) Flip it over and you wont hear anymore emotion than Side B. From start to finish it is an astonishing piece of music. All Beatle fans generally agree on one thing...Abbey Rd Side B is 'Check-Mate'!!

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