About Me: 
I was a musician in Nashville for about 40 years. In 2011, my wife and I relocated in the Tampa/St Petersburg area (a small coastal town called Hudson Florida). I have a small Pro Tools set up in my house and continue to create. My wife is an oil painter who is currently in chemotherapy treatment for a thing called Orbital Follicular Lymphoma. I learned to play from the Nashville local AFM and Beatles records.
Favourite Track: 
Dear Prudence (White)
Tell us why: 
The song is lovely and I rather like the fact that Geoff Emerick put the left and right out of phase to widen the stereo spectrum. The bass line is very inventive. I love it in spite of Paul's drumming which is adequate but I much prefer Ringo's drumming. The blend on the background vocals on the Middle Eight is very good.
Favourite Album: 
The Beatles
Tell us why: 
I love the White Album best because it has so many different types of music on it showing the versatility. I disagree that it would have made a much better single album. With all the bickering that was going on during that time, it is amazing that a record that brilliant was made. It is little things I love about it...Paul's piano intro to Sexy Sadie, USSR is also out of phase to widen the stereo spectrum and I love it in spite of Paul's rather sloppy drumming...which is actually effective for the song.

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