Only A Northern Song


If you're listening to this song 
You may think the chords are going wrong 
But they're not; we just wrote it like that 
When you're listening late at night 
You may think the bands are not quite right 
But they are, they just play it like that 
It doesn't really matter what chords I play 
What words I say or what time of day it is 
As it's only a Northern song 
It doesn't really matter what clothes I wear 
Or how I fare or if my hair is brown 
When it's only a Northern song. 
If you think the harmony 
Is a little dark and out of key 
You're correct, there's nobody there. 
And I told you there's no one there.

"Only a Northern Song"
Song by the Beatles from the album Yellow Submarine
Released 13 January 1969 (US)
17 January 1969 (UK)
Recorded 13–14 February, 20 April 1967
Abbey Road Studios
Genre Psychedelic rock, experimental rock
Length 3:27
Label Apple Records
Writer George Harrison
Producer George Martin
Yellow Submarine track listing

"Only a Northern Song" is a song written by George Harrison and performed by the Beatles. The song was recorded in 1967 during the sessions for Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band but was omitted from that album. It was first featured in the Beatles' 1968 animated movie Yellow Submarine and appeared on its soundtrack album, released early the following year.

"Only a Northern Song" has been described as Harrison's "personal denunciation of the Beatles' music publishing business".

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