Her Majesty


Her majesty's a pretty nice girl
But she doesn't have a lot to say.
Her majesty's a pretty nice girl
But she changes from day to day.

I wanna tell her that I love her a lot,
But I gotta get a belly full of wine.
Her majesty's a pretty nice girl,
Someday I'm gonna make her mine.
Oh yeah, someday I'm gonna make her mine.

"Her Majesty"
Song by the Beatles from the album Abbey Road
Released 26 September 1969
Recorded 2 July 1969
Genre Music hall
Length 0:23
Label Apple Records
Writer Lennon–McCartney
Producer George Martin
Abbey Road track listing

"Her Majesty" is a song written by Paul McCartney (although credited to Lennon–McCartney) that appears on the Beatles' album Abbey Road. It is a brief tongue-in-cheek music hall song. "Her Majesty" is the final track of the album and appears fourteen seconds after the song "The End", but was not listed on the original sleeve. As such, it is considered one of the first examples of a hidden track in rock music.

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Her Majesty (Abbey)

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