Dig It


Like a rolling stone.
A like a rolling stone.
Like the F. B. I.
And the C. I. A.
And the B. B. C.
B. B. King
And Doris Day.
Matt Busby. Dig it. Dig it. Dig it. Dig it.
Dig it. Dig it. Dig it. Dig it. Dig it. Dig it. Dig it. Dig it. Dig it. Dig it.

That was "Can You Dig It," by Georgie Wood.
And now we'd like to do "Hour the Angels Come."

"Dig It"
Song by the Beatles from the album Let It Be
Released 8 May 1970
Recorded 26 January 1969
Apple Studios
Genre Rock
Length 0:51 (Let It Be Version)
4:24 (Get Back Mix)
8:20 (Full Version)
15:05 (Jam)
Label Apple, EMI
Writer Lennon/McCartney/Harrison/Starkey
Producer Phil Spector
Let It Be track listing

"Dig It" is a song by the Beatles featured on their album Let It Be. The song is credited to Lennon/McCartney/Harrison/Starkey. It is one of the few songs to be credited to all of the Beatles; the others are "Flying" (Magical Mystery Tour), "Suzy Parker" (Let It Be film), "12-Bar Original" (Anthology 2), "Los Paranoias" (Anthology 3), "Christmas Time (Is Here Again)", and the Beatles' version of "Free as a Bird". This song and the 39-second "Maggie Mae" appear on the Let It Be album, but are not included on the Let It Be... Naked album, instead being replaced with "Don't Let Me Down". Glyn Johns' May 1969 version of the album, then titled Get Back, had a 3:59 excerpt of "Dig It", which was later reduced to the much shorter version in the final album.

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