Shooting The Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields Forever Promo Films

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In 1967, the band entered a new phase of their career - they'd done the touring, they'd been the 'Fab Four'. Now, in John's words, they were 'more into being artists'. Because they didn't have to be performing every night, they 'could be writing, or chatting with their mates, or visiting an art exhibition' (Paul). They wondered how, if they weren't able to 'get four flying saucers landing on the top of the Albert Hall', a tour would work for the new stuff they were doing, anyway (Paul, again). Making films meant they could experiment - they didn't have to just be of them standing there and performing, as TV appearances usually did.

And anyway, a promo film could be distributed farther and wider, meaning that once it was made they could continue spending much more time in the studio and experimenting with new sounds and ideas - as they had recently begun to do. This made making promotional films for their songs an idea with creative scope that seemed to match their new approach to recording.

These are images taken during the shoots for both Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields Forever - two of their explorations into what a promotional music film might be and early signpostings for what music video as we know it today, would become.

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