Ringo invites you - and everyone everywhere - to think, say, or post #PeaceandLove at noon (your local time) on July 7.


Join Ringo in generating a wave of #PeaceandLove that moves over the planet on July 7, starting at noon in New Zealand and ending at noon in Hawaii.​

“I can’t think of a better way to celebrate my birthday, or a better gift I could ask for, than Peace & Love. How great that this idea keeps growing and spreading. Thanks to everyone supporting it. Peace & Love, Ringo.”

The Peace & Love birthday celebration was a concept born in 2008 when Ringo was asked in an interview “what would you like for your birthday?” He replied: “more Peace & Love.” This marked the beginning of a yearly tradition where Ringo has hosted events all over the world, including NYC’s Times Square and Chicago, to Hamburg, Germany and Capitol Records in L.A.

This annual celebration of ‘Peace & Love’ continues to expand every year, embraced by people all over the world. It has also been supported by sponsors, who help spread the message and make these events possible. This year they include Sirius XM (home of The Beatles Channel), Modern Drummer and The David Lynch Foundation.

Join Your Local #PeaceandLove Gathering
For 2017, fans have organized several international locations hosting live ‘Peace & Love’ events.

From South Sudan to the South Pole, people all over the world will be gathering together this Friday to share #PeaceandLove. Go to Ringo's Facebook page to find out the full list of locations where you could join in. A selected list of places participating includes:

  • Africa, Juba, South Sudan
  • Antarctica, South Pole
  • Argentina, Buenos Aires
  • Brazil, Rio de Janiero
  • Brazil, Sao Paulo
  • Costa Rica, San José
  • El Salvador, San Salvador
  • Haiti, Port Au Prince
  • India, Bijauri
  • New Zealand, Masterson
  • Panama, Panama City
  • Peru, Lima
  • Russia, Moscow
  • UK, London, England
  • USA, Fairfield, Iowa
  • USA, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • USA, Los Angeles, California* with Ringo


Or Be A Part Of #PeaceandLove From Exactly Where You Are

If you would like to participate, you don’t have to go anywhere or say anything, you can just think "Peace & Love" anywhere you are - at work for example - and know you are still contributing Peace & Love to the moment.

Come Together For A Moment Of #PeaceandLove At Abbey Road Studios

Abbey Road Studios are inviting a limited number of fans into Studio One to participate in a live Facebook broadcast of the ‘Peace & Love’ message.

To access this event, you will need one of Ringo’s ‘Peace & Love’ bracelets, available for free exclusively from the Abbey Road Shop. Bracelets will be available while stocks last on Friday 7 July starting from 9.30 am.

Follow Ringo Starr to stay updated on the day's events. 

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