THE BEATLES 5-4-3-2-1


"It was (the second week of April,) 1964 that the British invasion of America was conclusive. The Beatles’ 'Can’t Buy Me Love’ had jumped from No.27 on the Hot 100 to the No.1 spot, in the four places behind it were Beatles' records. It was an unprecedented achievement and it is one that will never be repeated.

The story of the Beatles and their early American record labels is a complex one and all started when Vee-Jay released ‘Please Please Me’ on 7 February 1963. The only reason they released it was because EMI’s US label, Capitol, had passed on the opportunity and so it was offered to the small husband and wife run label, based in Gary, Indiana that specialised in Black music.

The Beatles Vee Jay
Vee Jay had a number of financial issues so when the Beatles next single, ‘She Loves You’, that had spent four weeks at No.1 in Britain in September 1963, was ready for release it was leased by EMI to a small Philadelphia label called Swan Records: Capitol had again refused the opportunity to release it…" 

- uDiscover has written a piece about the week The Beatles filled all top 5 spots of the USA charts. You can read the full article, here:

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