The Beatles At Shea Stadium


Over 55,000 people came to watch this ground-breaking concert, the sound of which was completely dominated by screaming of the audience. The huge number of security guards were kept occupied by fainting girls and audience members attempting to reach the stage.


British fans may see the Beatles' most important concert ever - on television. The group will appear before nearly 60,000 fans at the Shea Stadium in New York on August 15 at the start of their second American tour. Ed Sullivan, America's most famous TV personality, will introduce them on stage at this show. Brian Epstein revealed exclusively to the NME on Wednesday: I am arranging to have the whole fantastic performance filmed, and, if it is suitable, I will arrange worldwide release for it almost immediately afterwards."
NME Friday, March 12, 1965

"This was the first time that one of those stadiums was used for a rock concert."


"Once you know you've filled a place that size, it's magic; just walls of people. Half the fun was being involved in this gigantic event ourselves."


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