Scenes From The Love Show


Dominic Champagne, who directed and wrote the original concept for the show, explained his vision for LOVE: “I wanted to create a Beatles experience rather than a Beatles story, taking the audience on an emotional journey rather than a chronological one, exploring the landscapes and experiences that have marked the group's history.” Here’s his vision for each scene in the show.

Love Compilation

The Beatles LOVE - scene compilation


Nowhere Land Scene
The four Nowhere Men, Sgt. Pepper and The Fool take the stage and cross the metaphoric threshold into The Beatles world.

Eleanor Rigby Scene

Depicting the resurrection and resilience of a post-war nation, Eleanor Rigby pulls the weight of her past through the rubble. Interpretation of key characters from The Beatles musical and historical narratives emerge including Father McKenzie, The Queen, Mr. Piggy, the Children of Liverpool and The Fool. Interwoven in this homage to The Beatles tragic heroine are hints of "Julia," "Strawberry Fields Forever" and "A Day in the Life."

Glass Onion Scene

Marked by the ending strings from “Glass Onion,” the festivities are brought to a startling finish and we flash back still further to the war years of The Beatles youth. The vibrancy and levity become shrouded by the grim realities of WWII that shaped the four boys' revolutionary attitudes and musical tastes. Sgt Pepper’s band is symbolically destroyed amid the chaos and devastation, and the grim landscape soon becomes a setting for change and renewal.

Because Scene

Creating a portrait reminiscent of the ports of Liverpool, sailors climb dramatically on ropes toward the Heavens. The a cappella voices of John, Paul and George pave their ascent. Each pull of the rope elevates the intensity of anticipation, foreshadowing The Beatles revival. Anchored at the other end of their lifelines is a scene from Savile Row. In an instant the sailors descend from their summits and raise the set, taking us from the place where it all began to The Beatles' final performance in 1969 atop the roofs of London.



Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band comes back to life in its full regalia in a moment of hallucinogenic hilarity. Continuing the experimental journey, the parade emerges reborn with instruments imbued with fantasy and whimsy.


Strawberry Fields

Assembled around a mysterious piano, Dr. Robert introduces the Nowhere Men to an unusual tea drinking ritual. This euphemistic stimulant launches them and the show itself on a psychedelic trip. The surreal "Strawberry Fields" is underscored in the closing stages by "Penny Lane," "In My Life," "Piggies" and "Hello Goodbye."


JAM Session

A lively repartee between the four band members. Created from the authentic recordings at Abbey Road Studios, the sound bytes evoke the presence of The Beatles within an intimate studio setting.


Abbey Road

A collage of sound bytes create a fictionalised conversation between John, Paul, George and Ringo. Using The Beatles master tapes, Québecois comedian François Pérusse pieced together this intimate exchange, which is illustrated by the projection of shadow figures.



Reminiscent melancholy rooted in the love that once was and the longing of what could be.



Four extreme sports athletes take to the stage in this fast-paced, nail-biting number. The skaters take blading to the extreme, leaping 11-foot tall ramps -- and each other -- with a continuous barrage of flips, twists and jumps.


Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite

The topsy-turvy world of fame gone awry comes to life. Mr. Kite’s macabre circus is populated by a dizzying frenzy of nightmarish creatures and faceless characters. Indicative of the media frenzy and controversy that surrounded The Beatles during their meteoric rise to fame, the Russian Swing artist whirls and twirls high over the crowd performing 360-degree feats of aerial acrobatics. Excerpts from "Cry Baby Cry," sound effects from "Good Morning Good Morning," laughter from "Piggies," noises from "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" "Helter Skelter" and audio snippets of The Beatles joking around during recording sessions can be heard throughout this delirious mix.


Gnik Nus / Something

Introduced by "Sun King" played backwards, this sensual choreography shows how fleeting and fragile love can be. Set to the classic tune "Something," a young male solo dancer is tantalised by four women who fly in and out of his reach.

Love HeyJude

The Beatles LOVE - Hey Jude


Within You, Without You

Turn off your mind, relax and float down stream ... Here the children of Liverpool are taken on a wild ride atop a billowing bed sheet, a visual psychedelic stream, which envelops the audience, launching them on a magical journey. "Within You Without You" can be heard over the drums from "Tomorrow Never Knows."


Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

The trip continues with the glittering daughter of the heavens, Lucy, soaring through the air in this aerial contortion number. Connecting with the earthy Fireman who keeps her aloft, Lucy lets her hair down and rejoices in this moment of exhaultation.


Octopus’s Garden

The surreal voyage takes a plunge into the Octopus’s Garden, where marine creatures perform a slow-motion aquatic ballet.


Lady Madonna

Celebrating the strength, beauty and courage of motherhood, Lady Madonna dances with children at her feet. The dance ensemble performs high-energy "Gumboot" choreography. Accompanied by her rock 'n' roll lover, Sugar Plum Fairy, they celebrate love in all its joys and hardships.


Here Comes the Sun

This tranquil moment of enlightenment is the climax of the psychedelic trip, bridging Western values and Eastern culture. Four female artists perform aerial yoga in a garden of contemplative light, evoking the spiritual journey taken by The Beatles and their new-found state of consciousness.


Come Together

Led by a Krishna-like figure, this sensual dance is an unbridled release of sexual energy, wrapped in a political statement of the times. It’s an exhibition of free love in rebellion of the accepted conventions of order.


Revolution / Back in the U.S.S.R.

In this energetic trampoline performance, long-haired free-spirits playfully attempt to tame and jostle the authorities with their daring, fast-paced acrobatics.


While My Guitar Gently Weeps

A solo female dancer ponders the sad loneliness of unrequited love. She contemplates her past in a soulful dance under a rain of falling love letters.


A Day in the Life

This sombre yet whimsical tale features a dramatic aerial straps act and a poetic recounting of personal loss and eternal love.


Hey Jude

Red poppy petals swirl as a symbol of remembrance. The consoling lyrics and soothing melody are a chant of reconciliation.


Sgt. Pepper (reprise)

In this explosion of joy, performers soar on latex tubes and Korean ropes as the entire cast revels in Beatlemania euphoria with the audience.


All You Need is Love

A montage of The Beatles projected on red Kabuki curtains that fills the audience with wonderful nostalgia and a message of LOVE.

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