The Our World Global Satellite Broadcast



On 25th June 1967 an estimated worldwide audience of 350 million watched The Beatles perform 'All You Need Is Love' as part of the Our World satellite broadcast. This press event took place the day before the live broadcast.

Our World was the first live, world-wide satellite programme - broadcast on the 25th June 1967 (7.55pm to 10.00pm) to an international audience in excess of 350 million. The programme was divided into sections with people contributing from all over. The Beatles performed "All You Need Is Love", which was broadcast from a crowded Studio Two at Abbey Road Studios. The band had invited many friends, including The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton and Marianne Faithfull to join in the chorus and add to the atmosphere.

Greatly turned on by the Spirit of the Age and by the "tea-parties" of those times, the Beatles provided a sound-track for the plottings of the baby boomers - millions of them - whose enlightenment (however compromised it may have been by the material world in the harsh times since) still provides a hedge against humankind's grosser instincts.
The Beatles

They... go into the studio which brings an amazed world the mighty whirligig of Sgt Pepper, Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields here on the screen in surreal and glorious colour. They sing Baby You're A Rich Man and they all are, but they don't buy an island in Greece.

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