Let It Be... Naked Audio Podcasts


As part of our celebration of the Let It Be… Naked iTunes digital release, we've made a special five-chapter podcast using sound archive and tracks from the original Let It Be sessions, as well as interviews with Paul, George and Ringo as they reflect on that period in The Beatles' career.

Chapter Outlines:

Chapter One: We explore the process of making the original Let It Be album and film; why Let It Be… Naked has been released as an album distinct from the original Let It Be, and where The Beatles were at as a band at the time of recording - on the verge of breaking-up.

Chapter Two: The stories of how John and Paul put together One After 909 (when they were still teenagers in Liverpool) and I've Got A Feeling (during the Let It Be sessions). This podcast also features the original recording of the band jamming Because I Know You Love Me So during the Let It Be sessions.

Chapter Three: Paul recalls the process of writing the songs Two Of Us and The Long And Winding Road - from concept to creation.

Chapter Four: How the Let It Be project came to be: - the initial idea of capturing the recording process on film, moving from Twickenham Film Studios to a happier recording environment in their own studio at Apple, and the impact of Billy Preston's presence - on the band and the album.

Chapter Five: The Beatles had wild discussions of a Let It Be climax live performance anywhere from the QE2 to the Pyramids, but in the end they decided on what became their infamous final gig - a surprise performance on the roof of the Apple Records building at Savile Row.

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