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LOVE is a unique collaboration between Apple and Cirque Du Soleil celebrating the musical legacy of The Beatles.

Born from a personal friendship and mutual admiration between the late George Harrison and Cirque founder Guy Laliberté, LOVE brings the magic of Cirque du Soleil together with the spirit and passion behind the most beloved rock group of all time to create a vivid, intimate and powerful entertainment experience.
The international cast of 60 actors, acrobats and dancers channels a raw, youthful energy underscored by aerial performance, extreme sports and urban, freestyle dance. With panoramic sound and visuals, the audience experience The Beatles as never before...

Sir George Martin and his son Giles Martin worked with the entire archive of Beatles recordings to create LOVE using experimental mixes from the band's master tapes at Abbey Road.

The result is an unprecedented approach to the music and a unique soundscape. 

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Love Compilation

The Beatles LOVE - scene compilation

"George and Giles did such a great job combining these tracks. It's really powerful for me and I even heard things I'd forgotten we'd recorded" commented Ringo Starr.

"This album puts the Beatles back together again, because suddenly there's John and George with me and Ringo," said Paul McCartney. "It's kind of magical."​

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