Editor's Picks #1 - At TheBeatles.com



We hope you're enjoying the brand new thebeatles.com. In case you've been wondering where to begin, we've put together a few suggestions for you:

In '1967, When The Beatles, Psychedelia and Traditional Society Collided', we look at a critical moment in The Beatles career: "The press had built up The Beatles – the Mop Tops, the Fab Four – and were shocked when they no longer wanted to play the game." (Barry Miles). 

Sean Magee (Mastering Engineer at Abbey Road Studios) talks with Bob Santelli (Executive Director of the Grammy Museum) about the obstacles and objectives of remastering The Beatles for stereo vinyl in these 5 short videos shot at Capitol Studios: 'Abbey Road's Mastering Engineer Talks Us Through The Process Of Restoring The Beatles For Vinyl'.

In this short film we made for the rerelease of Yellow Submarine, Paul Angelis tells the story of how he worked with (name) to create the voice of Chief Blue Meanie - using Shakespeare and a few kitchen utensils for inspiration... : 'How Chief Blue Meanie Found His Voice.'

And lastly, check out our Mad Day Out photo gallery of pictures taken in the summer of '68 by Don McCullin when the band fancied a bit of a break from the recording studio…

Check out our The Beatles On Twitter Today page to see what people are saying about The Beatles right now. Follow @thebeatles on Twitter!

Till next time… 

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