Editor's Picks #1 - Beatles In The Media



Here at Editor's Picks, our favourite April news item is this Macmillan Dictionary blog piece about The Beatles and their impact on the English language. It coincided with the opening lecture given at the annual IATEFL Conference by David Crystal: ‘The World In Which We Live In: Beatles, Blends And Blogs’ …
We were sad to learn of the passing of Jack Stokes - Yellow Submarine's Animation Director. You can sneak a peek at Jack 30 seconds into this behind-the-scenes film  and read his Guardian obituary here

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Please Please Me, the 'Sgt. Pepper's Book Club' posted its list of "10 of The Beatles' Favourite Books" ( - any guesses which Beatle loved Chaucer?).

Continuing in the vein of top 10 lists, many of you will have also heard about the Sgt. Pepper album that sold for a record sum of $290,500 this month. Perhaps you might not be as familiar with some of these other Beatles items that found their way to market… 

Good Ol' Freda - "a crowd-pleasing documentary about Freda Kelly, The Beatles’ lifelong secretary" has been gathering rave reviews and screening at prestigious film festivals like SXSW (Houston) and Hot Docs (Toronto) since March. The film has been released with the support of the band and features original Beatles music. You can find out where it's screening and more in-depth info, here.

And finally - Russian fans - we're curious to hear any memories you have in relation to this story: 
Leslie Woodhead has released a book about how, "The Beatles thawed the Cold War more efficiently than missiles or diplomacy". He makes a case that The Beatles helped bring down the Iron Curtain and inspired Soviet youth to challenge Communism. Jon Snow (of Channel 4 News, here in the UK) recently tweeted:  

Jon Snow ‏@jonsnowC4 
Great book by leslie Woodhead on how the Beatles unknowingly kindled revolution in Soviet Russia + never seen before photos: @BeatlesKremlin

BBC Radio 4 also did a news piece on the book.

From a review in The National: "It's a bold claim, and one which draws the reader into a book that will probably appeal to political historians as much as it does fans of Help!". 

Russian Beatles fans: we're curious to hear anecdotes from you directly.

- Were you there?

- What do you think?

- Any memories to do with The Beatles from that era you can tell us about?

Leave us your stories in the comments - we would love to read them. 

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