Beatles Poster Uncovered At Bidston Station, Merseyside



In 2013, workers at Bidston train station in England uncovered a 1962 poster for a show headlined by Little Richard, supported by The Beatles. During renovations at the station, workers were surprised when they came across a little piece of history, along with the cladding they removed. 

The poster is for a show that was at New Brighton Tower Ballroom - a venue The Beatles played at 27 times before it was destroyed by a fire in 1969. 

Tony Booth, who designed the poster, said, "“I was working for Brian Epstein before he signed up the Beatles – I used to do things for his shops and things like that. When he started signing up groups I started doing the gig posters." (- From The Liverpool Echo)

The poster is now part of an exhibition at the Beatles Story museum in Liverpool.  You can read more about it (and how it was designed), here.

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